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  • Travel case
  • FILMPRO Headset
  • Plus a BONUS contoured Hypoallergenic soft gel ear tip single)


The FilmPro Kit is an all-in-one! Providing you with the perfect organization tool that protects your headset investment. (Bonus: a Hypoallergenic contoured ear tip included.)

Travel case available in colors: Black | Blue | Red | Purple

Ear tip available in sizes: S, M, L

*1 Year Warranty

Introducing the FilmPro Headset bundle, the ultimate communication solution for film professionals who want to have everything they need on set. This bundle includes our flagship FilmPro Surveillance headset that is made with Kevlar reinforced wiring and comes with a 1-year warranty. Also included in this bundle is an Eartip and a Travel Case.

The eartip is a comfortable and secure fit and ensures that the headset stays in place during use. It is made from a soft silicone material that is gentle on the ear, perfect for long-term use. The travel case is a convenient way to protect your headset when not in use, and it’s also great for keeping all your accessories in one place.

The FilmPro Headset bundle is designed to provide clear and reliable communication, even in the loudest of environments. The noise-cancelling microphone ensures that your voice comes through loud and clear, and the comfortable and secure fit allows for hands-free operation. The headset also comes with a 2-pin connection, making it compatible with most industry standard walkie-talkies.

With the FilmPro Headset bundle, you’ll be able to communicate like a pro, while keeping all your accessories in one place. It’s the ultimate communication solution for the ultimate pro. Get yours today, and be ready for anything on set with the FilmPro Headset bundle!

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Headset Color

Black, Tan, Camo

Ear Tip Size

S, M, L

Ear Side

Left, Right

Travel Case Color

Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Grey, Camo, Urban Camo

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