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All our popular FilmPro Headsets now come in Camouflage!

FilmPro Camo
FilmPro X Camo
Shorty Camo

Be heard, not seen!

Introducing the FilmPro Camo Headset, the ultimate communication solution for film professionals who want to blend in on set. This version of our flagship FilmPro Surveillance headset now comes in a camouflage color, perfect for outdoor shoots or for those who want to be stealthy. The FilmPro Camo is made with Kevlar reinforced wiring and comes with a 1-year warranty, just like our flagship product.

The FilmPro Camo is designed to provide clear and reliable communication, even in the loudest of environments. The noise-cancelling microphone ensures that your voice comes through loud and clear, and the comfortable and secure fit allows for hands-free operation. The headset also comes with a 2-pin connection, making it compatible with most industry standard walkie-talkies.

With the FilmPro Camo, you’ll be able to communicate like a pro, while blending in with your surroundings. It’s the ultimate communication solution for the ultimate pro. Get yours today, and stay stealthy on set with the FilmPro Camo Headset!

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